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about us

Founded in 2005, the mission of Peak Landscape has always been to build long-term relationships based on quality workmanship, technical experience, and great customer service.  With our ability to provide all management and enhancement services under one umbrella, we are able to eliminate finger pointing and promote accountability. 


Our team currently serves commercial properties stretching from Salem, OR to Seattle, WA.  We are committed to ensuring that we continue to provide sustainable solutions in any project involving design, enhancement, tree removal, tree pruning, and management.  We look forward to partnering with you to enhance and ensure your landscape investment dollars. 

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Meet The Team


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Jason Ostlie

Regional Production Manager

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Sean Knapik

Consulting Arborist

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Peter May

Regional Account Manager

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Jeff Veraldi

Fleet Manager

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Scot Warmenhoven

Account Manager

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Ryan Kivlen

Container Services


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Jose Castillo

Production Manager

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Adam Ruecker

Production Manager

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Roberto Castro

Enhancement Supervisor


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Mark Pyrah

Regional Account Manager

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Ladisloa Cruz Rodriguez

Production Manager

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Brandon Swart

Enhancement  Manager

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Jeff Eke

Irrigation Manager

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Becca Atwood

Container Services Supervisor


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Mara Cortes

HR Manager

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Rachel Houldridge

Estimating/Social Media


Melodie Eckland

Office Manager